Friday, June 1, 2007

Beyond Is Where I Learn

I had a bike accident. Finally. After 3 years without a crash, a teenager crashed into me with his parents car, without even slowing down when he entered the traffic circle, in which I was already driving. Will I now throw my bike away? No chance. He's the evil one.

I'm alright, don't worry. After they peeled me off his car, all I'm suffering is pain in the ribs and immobility due to a wrecked bike. I wasn't lucky - lucky is never engaging in an accident. I was lucky for 3 years, though. So why shouldn't I drop my bike now, and move to the "safer" car?

"The evil that men do lives on and on" says Iron Maiden's song with the same title. In my humble opinion, concentrating on your cell phone while entering a traffic circle is evil. Not signalling when switching lanes is evil. Ignoring those small "insignificant" traffic rules is evil. Not behaving as if driving on the road is a serial killer is evil!

So he was evil, I was righteous. Should I now change my lifestyle, just due to his evilness? Due to the fact that most drivers are evil? Is it better to yield to evilness and live, than standing up for my righteousness and maybe get hurt? Leaving my bike now is like surrendering to terror. Leaving Israel to avoid suicide bombers. How many of you are willing to surrender for that? Think for yourself how many threats surround you. Will you surrender to all of them? Do you?

I'm a gambler, a risk taker, I love living on the edge and balancing on a ledge. I invest in the stock market, I love extreme sports, I'm an entrepreneur, and I ride a bike. But above all that, I stand for my way of life, and never surrender to society's normas, outside threats and evil drivers.

I love my beloved ones, and thank them for their concern, but giving up my way of life and having it their way, is just too much for me.

Just promise me - always drive your car as if there's a bike on your wing that you can't see. It's usually true.