Saturday, July 21, 2007

In Memory Of Bily

My dog died yesterday. I'm heart broken. Devastated. I can't even start describing what I feel. Bily was like a daughter to me. A part of me. And she wasn't even 5 when she died of heart failure.
If you're saying "it's just a dog", then you should first get a dog, one with human eyes and stare, with a golden heart, who's always happy to see you, who follows you anywhere you go, even inside your home. One with the single ambition in life: to live with you, nothing more. One that evil has never touched, nor violence, angriness, greediness, or any of the wrongs people are touched with. Someone who is always happy, playful and smiling, even when she's asleep, probably dreaming of you, who will always listen to you, and understand you. Get yourself such a dog when she's only 2 months old, raise her as if she's a part of you, and then, when she collapses, fights to live, gazing at you with a naive look in her eyes, then dies in your arms, only then try and tell me "it's just a dog".
Unconditional love is such a rare thing. Loyalty. As if she was trying to make up for the fact that she's not of my blood and flesh.
Bily, you're a part of me. You always will be. That hole in my heart will never be filled.
I love you.